Fun Ways to Use All of Those Plastic Easter Eggs

Easter is now less than two weeks away and that means that soon, those little plastic eggs will be everywhere, if they aren’t already. I think we have two boxes full of them! I reuse a whole bunch every year for the boys’ Easter baskets and egg hunt, but we always seem to finish Easter with way more than we started with. It’s like they multiply or something. 

I decided to come up with some creative things to do with all of them and I found some great ideas.  Some are educational, some are decorative, and some are crafty. I can’t decide which to try first!

Fun Ways to Use All of Those Plastic Easter Eggs

First, I would like to highlight the wonderful bloggers who allowed me to share their photos, in addition to their ideas!

Here are some more fun uses for those eggs:

What do you like to do with all of those plastic Easter eggs?



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    What great ideas, I never thought of doing many of those. I will have to go through your amazing list. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  2. says

    Great collection 🙂
    We usually have plastic egg hunts for the next couple of weeks in the house. I also used the plastic eggs to teach my son uppercase and lowercase when he was learning his alphabet; he had to match the bottom and top correctly.
    Thanks for sharing via Mommy Monday!